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Egor PolyakovMay 29, 2021

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Vector Scalable Graphics

Design of SVG graphics

Animation for SVG graphics

Legal use of SVG graphics

What means «free images»?

In case of legal use, the images with the marking «free» are available for implementation in projects on free public rights.

How to use free images in work?

All around the world users of the web using free images to create some basic compositions of design for printing and digital products or in process of education.

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Main mistakes of using free images in a design

Quality of free images

In practice, the quality of free images can be different and based on the moderation of the graphical catalog.

In service BundleSpace(.com) you can find a high quality of design and visual interpretation of keywords to do the best choice.

How choose a free or premium commercial image?

If you do the first steps in design, it is a good way to try free vector or pixel images in technics of graphical design.

If you work in a team of developers with the aim to create a new modern printing or digital product, we recommend to use only premium commercial images.

It is your guarantee in legal choice of graphics for implementation as a part of the multi copied product (book, magazine, web service, or mobile app).

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