How to return the lost e-mail with downloaded ZIP archive?

Published: October 10, 2020

We have two variable interpretation in situation, when e-mail with downloaded ZIP archive is don`t transferred or lost by client.

Variant A. Technical trouble

If client of service don`t have the e-mail with chosen vector image plus extended license as result of actions on web service, you should write the detailed message in Help & Support to

In details of message please send the full data: your name (registered in form of extended license), e-mail, chosen images, time of payment and ID of transaction, summ of payment.

We will check the situation for correct answer in case of technical trouble.

Variant B. Client`s mistake

If client as mistake do action to delete the e-mail with downloaded images, this action is done by client after complete the procedure of working web service BundleSpace(.com).

In case of client`s mistake, we can`t to return or resend the chosen image with extended license, because the delete (lost) of e-mail done on client`s side without destructive action from web service BundleSpace(.com).

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