How to use extended rights for graphics in commercial products?

Published: August 3, 2019

For legal use of exported graphics in commercial products (like online maps, navigation system or user interface of ATM) you should download ZIP archive of resulted bundle (includes exported SVG/PNG/PDF icons).

In archive already adds extended license for commercial use of graphics (for sales «as is» and publishing in commercial products).

If you needs to presents the right for legal use, please show the Extended License Agreement for exported graphics in printing or digital form.

Each of licenses has ID to detect the owner of graphics (in license it is term LEGAL USER and personal data of this owner).

Another rights based on copyright of imported glyph icons for design.

If somebody will import to edit in SVG Generator the logotype of brand, which is not in his ownership, he should be unlegal user for exported icons, because you should has special agreement for legal of ownership to commercial use of this images.

Imported icons from Flat UI Set are already available to do styled icons in SVG Generator to export and next use in commercial products under extended license for graphics.

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