How to use the icon as logotype for brand?

Published: August 13, 2019

Commercial use of icon as is logotype like symbol of the company (as visual brand identity) based on extended rights of the Owner.

Use the icon as is logotype with standard license is not possible, because the commercial use (extended rights for graphics) and individual use (standard rights for graphics) is not the same entities.

Scheme «Icon to do logotype»Scheme «Icon to do logotype»

There are two ways of right use of icon to do logotype:

A. To be Owner of the icon for use as is logotype based on action «Buy extended rights for logotype» from designer. At result You will have by fixed cost like $20 a logotype + extended license (PDF) included in ZIP archive.

B. To do the custom design to get a visual styled logotype from chosen interesting icon (glyph symbol). Also at result You will have a logotype + extended license (PDF) for created new logotype (not the chosen icon, but a new image). Price will counts on time/rate of designer in Custom Design Service.

Preview of Extended License for logotype

Visual preview of Extended License for logotype in scan view. Date, visual print of glyph symbol and personal data of Designer and New Owner in document to identify the extended rights for image.

Page of document «Extended License for logotype»
Page of document «Extended License for logotype»

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