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Terms of Pro Account

  1. Personal use of Pro Account is available for designers for one month and based on fixed payment for status «Pro».
  2. Status Pro for designer`s account gives TOP position in ratings of designers in left column of Custom Design Service.
  3. TOP position in rating is ideal for a quick connection with clients in Custom Design Service.
  4. Position of designer in TOP10 of the rating based on sales per day and can be changes depends of quantity and sum of deals.
  5. Icons created by designers with Pro Account are in the top of search results in mix with new and popular icons.
  6. Accepted logotypers created by designers with Pro Account will be automatic signed with Extended License for commercial aims of client.
  7. If the designer performs actions leading to the fraud of a service or a forgery of images that are known to be owned by third parties as a logo for the client’s approval, if the fact of fraud is found, this designer can be removed from the Bundle Space community because of unreliability.
  8. Designers will be in dialog with client via online Custom Design Service and sending logotype to client in ZIP archive.
  9. Service automaticly send a invoice based on your fixed accepted price in task with standard rate: $25/hour.
  10. When payment is complete and service check it, client will have automatic email sent with ZIP archive consist of logotype plus Extended License, password in body of email to open resulted ZIP achive.
  11. Designers without Pro Account has a fixed commission ($5/sale) from each transaction in Custom Design Service.
  12. Payments for TOP sellers are provides at first in queue in each month transfers.
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