Standard License


Standard License of the BundleSpace(.com) provides the terms of individual use the service.

Standard License Agreement by this Agreement, BundleSpace (.com) grants you a 5 users, non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide right to use and reproduce Images for the Permitted Uses.


BundleSpace (.com) — the web service (also titled the Service and the URLs with domain:, which provides online services for B2C clients.

Inmotus SVG Generator — SAAS tool for quick import, edit and export SVG icons.

Custom Design Service — online service for deals between Customers and Designers to do logotypes or new icons, based on chosen by ID from catalog Flat UI Set.

Agreement — This License Agreement which shall be in effect and bind you and BundleSpace (.com) the moment you download or buy the licensed products of BundleSpace (.com); unless another agreement expressly replaces it.

BundleSpace.(.com) — is the company that has produced, created the SVG icons for personal and commercial use and under this License Agreement is extending it for further use.

«You» or «Your» — You are the client of BundleSpace (.com) if you are visiting the site of BundleSpace (.com) and have the intention of licensing the Inmotus SVG Generator and resulted icons for your personal or commercial use. «You» may be an individual, a company, employees of a company, partners of a company or freelancers hired to work. This definition is not comprehensive although it includes all of the above but may not be limited to it.

Employees/ Partners/ Team Members — are employees/ partners of a company, partnership firm who are employed by that company in some manner, working on a project/ website/ template and need to use the resulted icons to integrate them into the company’s projects/ website for further commercial use and profit of the Company. They are clearly distinguished from the «End Users» of BundleSpace (.com) products.

Only five (5) such employees/ partners/ team members are allowed to use the resulted icons at one time unless the company purchases an Extended License on their behalf to increase such users. This definition is not comprehensive although it includes all of the above but may not be limited to it.

Users/ End Users — The End Users may also be the users of the projects/ websites developed by the companies or partnership firms, where the icons have already been integrated into such projects.

Products — The resulted icons designed, created and made available by the proprietor of BundleSpace (.com) on its website: The Products are not sold but are licensed for further use. All the intellectual property rights with regards to the Products lie with the proprietor of BundleSpace (.com). These product may be available for free download as per the Agreement.

Intellectual Property — intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. In this case, BundleSpace (.com) in all artistic forms and all of its proprietary information and/or designs available on the website belong to the proprietor of BundleSpace (.com). Any intentional or un-intentional use or misuse of these Intellectual property without the permission of BundleSpace (.com) may attract legal actions and consequences.

Permitted License Uses

You can use the Images for advertising, graphic design, marketing, books and book covers, promotional graphics, flyers, brochures, web design, ATM UI/UX, catalogs, product packaging, film, video,illustration, editorial in magazines and newspapers, multimedia presentations, e-books, letterhead, business cards, promotional postcards, greeting cards and calendars, screensavers, online banner advertising, software, mobile or tablet applications, computer game, Gui design, logo, trademark and branding design. These graphical files are provided «as-is» without any express or implied warranty.

Uses in templates or products for resale & distribution

You can use the images in templates that you resell, as long as:

  1. You use the Images as creative elements inside your design of product, as vector (or pixel rasterized) images.
  2. You don’t insert the Images as Vector Files in your templates.
  3. You don’t provide the Images as separate elements that the user can extract and reuse for his own creations.
    For example, you can use SVG icons in virtual keyboard, touchscreen navigation, but you cannot provide this icons as *.svg images in a separate folder for sales on digital online marketplaces.

Limited reproductions

You can print or reproduce the images:

  1. if it doesn’t exceed more than 100 (one hundred) units,
  2. no more than 100 icons per one (single) project / website / mobile, display or mobile application,
  3. no more than 5 employees/partners/team members in your organization can use it.

Uses in products for resale & discribution

You cannot use the images as the main value of a product for resale, license or other distribution.

If you wish to resale or distribute a product, where our images plays a major role and adds the main value to it, you must purchase an Extended License.

For example, you cannot use resulted images to sell wall stickers, road signs or T-shirt where this images play the major role and you just reproduce this images.

The same rules applies to Digital Products for Resale & Distribution.

Rights for legal use

All presented rights of Your legal use of resulted vector (or pixel rasterized) icons based on common aspects of worldwide practice of use the Intellectual Property, based on commercial interests of the Company, Employees and Users. Following the rules of legal use of the Product guarantees the user the right to physical and digital products, which will include graphic files executed with the help of Inmotus SVG Generator, based on the limits specified in this Standard License.

Copyright notices

Standard license is not allowed the actions of usage of logotypes (trademarks, parts of brands, other elements of Intellectual Property of other companies) as glyph SVG files (icons) for modification (edit colors and split with styles) and do not allowed the resulted files (icons) in commercial usage as the User is not owner or co-owner of this company and its parts (logotype(-s), trademark(-s) or parts of this company).

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