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7500 vector images available in search

Popular keywords in the catalog of graphics on BundleSpace(.com)

Published on May 1st, 2021

Manager: Egor Polyakov


The team of BundleSpace(.com) publishes today the statistic data for analysis of searching on BundleSpace(.com) for designers, developers, and marketplaces.

Search the vector images

Everyone of user can find in form actual vector commercial premium-quality and free images from the catalog of BundleSpace(.com). The links from these search results will transfer the results from the image search. Next, you can sort all of them to find a better image especially for you.

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Histogram of quantity images in categories

Total 7500 vector images there are in 435 categories. In next histogram visually presented the quantity of vector images in each category.

Chart of the quantity of vector images in categories of the catalog

For users in search are an available total of 2874 unique keywords for choosing the premium vector graphics for daily aims of development, design, and advertising.

In the catalog of vector images, there are very popular like «mobile» and «function» and very special words like «subway».

Chart of premium and free images in the catalog

On next visualization presents the quantity and ratio of commercial premium and free images in the catalog.

Total there are 6027 premium and 1472 free vector images in a catalog of graphics on BundleSpace(.com).

The ratio of premium and free images in a catalog of vector graphics

It`s a good start to choose the premium SVG graphics for daily aims of design and advertising.

Math in the design of vector images

Actually for designers how interested in the growth of sales on a marketplace like need to do the math counting of search results in popular and not popular themes (groups of keywords) according to sales overview.

The main formula is a P(A) = m / N (from the base course of probability theory).

Probability theory

where are
P(A) - the probability of success (achievement of event A in a series of N search results (in case of the searching image to buy),
A - is an event (action: to choose and buy the image from search),
m - quantity of your images in search results by this keyword in request,
N - quantity of all images in search results by this keyword.

For the client, all images in search results by requested keyword are not the same, because in each session the client searching the image(s) for different kinds of aims: rounded colored flower for logotype, glyph classic flower for favicon and e.t.c.)

Searching vector commercial and free images in catalog of premium graphics Searching vector commercial and free images inf the catalog of premium graphics

Recommendation for designers

For users of web service in searching are available the filters like a glyph, colored, rounded, premium, and free are useful to choose actual images for logotype, for printing, for favicon, for emblem and e.t.c.

Counting of glyph classic flowers is value to do the choice what graphics needs to do: this or another style of vector images in this theme (keyword).

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