Popular keywords in the catalog of graphics on BundleSpace(.com)

Published on April 3, 2020


Team of BundleSpace.com publishes today the analysis of searching on BundleSpace(.com) for designers, developers and marketplaces.

Popular keywords

Now we publish the popular keywords are using in the catalog of premium graphics for searching the images.
The frequency of use of keywords (more precisely, popularity) is reflected in the graph.

In catalog of vector images there are very popular keywords like a «document» and very special words like «Laos culture».

Scrolling in table is available for quick preview.

Main date

The brief statistics from data of BundleSpace(.com) according the search and catalog metrics.

  Data Comments
Total icons 13 580 icons Available under Extended license
Total iconsets 803 iconsets Available under Extended license
Mediana price $13.8 Average per download
Total keywords 3 231 keywords Counts without dublicates
It`s good start to choose the premium SVG graphics for daily aims of design and advertising.
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