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First steps at learning lessons for designer`s skills and new aspects of SVG graphics are available for your attention.
We publishing all materials in case of modern and usefull ways to do tasks of designers, marketing specialists and UI/UX & mobile developers.

Create a logo of the program for PC, iOS and Android versions Create a logo of the program for PC, iOS and Android Quick actions online for convert logotype of the program for platforms PC, iOS and Android. Egor Polyakov 9 July 2019 How to do geo pointers for maps? How to do geo pointers for interactive maps Simple first lesson about quick work for task to create the geo pointers for interactive maps. Egor Polyakov 23 January 2019 Group of objects for visualization on maps. Group of objects for visualization on maps Organization of objects in groups for visualization of conditions chosen groups and its elements. Egor Polyakov 21 July 2019 Design of discount labels for items on sales. Design of discount labels for items on sales Quick design of digital and printing stickers for discount labels of items on sales in markets and stores. Egor Polyakov 24 July 2019 Animation for SVG loader using CSS3 Animation for SVG loader using CSS3 Radial motion of SVG elements using deep and light colors in visual animation based on coding in CSS3. Egor Polyakov 26 July 2019 Simple way to design of virtual keyboard for ATM and other touch screen devices Virtual keyboard for touch screen ATM devices Simple way to design of virtual keyboard for ATM and other touch screen devices in Retina quality. Egor Polyakov 29 July 2019
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