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The simple way for a designer to get styled icons in seconds.

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Useful features for edit vector scalable graphics and export icons in chosen formats (SVG, PNG, PDF, ICO, Vector Drawable)

The simple way for a designer
to get styled icons in seconds

Currently designer’s work on creating packages (sets) of graphic files (pictograms) based on monotonous manual work.

Therefore, we decided to make life easier for designers and increase their productivity.

Web developers and designers have everyday needs for create new items and UI elements for visualisation of programs, web and mobile functions.

Our Program titled Inmotus SVG Generator consists of useful features for editing vector scalable graphics and export icons in chosen formats (SVG, PNG, PDF, ICO, Vector Drawable) for comfort work.

Fast online SVG Generator for designers, developers and marketing specialists

Choose Flat UI Set for use and edit sample glyph icons

Flat UI Set is consist of samples (glyph icons) for use and edit in Inmotus SVG Generator.

Demo UI Set Free
100 SVG glyph icons

Specially for first user experience
is available demo-version of Flat UI Set with smaller part of SVG icons.

Preview now
Standard Flat UI Set
1000 SVG glyph icons

Specially for standard personally limited
everyday work of specialist using
Inmotus SVG Generator.

Preview now
Premium Flat UI Set
1500 SVG glyph icons

Specially for professional teams:
UI/UX designers & developers plus
maximum ambitions to use SVG tool.

Preview now

Demo, Standard and Premium Flat UI Set presented at Standard and Premium Licenses.

Buy now & use in work

Please, choose the license which is the best suite for your business needs, to get full access to Inmotus SVG Generator with all new features, samples and export formats to improve your ease of work.

Standard license

For individual daily limited use at work:
Standard Rights for Graphics.

  • access for 1000 glyph icons in 40 sets.
  • 30 styles of backgrounds.
  • 10 tokens per day maximum.
  • export formats for PC, Android and iOS apps.
Buy standard license $12/month

Premium license

For corporative business & e-commerce:
Extended Rights for Graphics.

  • access for 2100 glyph icons in 90+ sets.
  • 40 styles of backgrounds.
  • 30 tokens per day maximum for each machine.
  • export formats for PC, Android and iOS apps.
Buy premium license $18/month

Standard license or Premium license for output graphics means limited rights for individual usage or extended rights for resulted icons.

Import, add style, edit & export

The principle scheme of online work uses Inmotus SVG Generator based on a functional algorithm of actions: import, add styles for background, edit colors and export in ZIP archive of chosen file formats.

Scheme of main actions using SVG Generator

Simple scheme of split action for next edit and export in chosen file format.

Online instruments

According to ver.1.0 at Inmotus SVG Generator are presented next instruments:

  • Import glyph icons in SVG.
  • Choose style (background).
  • Add custom styles for background.
  • Preview chosen glyph icons + background.
  • Use icon grid for preview.
  • Scaling preview to interested size.
  • Choose colors for object and background.
  • Export created combinations of icons based on split model in chosen file formats:
    SVG, ICO, PDF, PNG, Vector Drawable.
  • Useful features for edit vector scalable graphics and export icons in chosen formats (SVG, ICO, PDF, PNG, Vector Drawable)
  • Share link for next specialists.
  • Refresh session for new actions.

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Tutorial video «How it works»

Watch a tutorial video to have the first practice and knowledge about SVG Generator.

Process of design working

Real-time process of design working with Inmotus SVG Generator.

  1. At first designer creates in vector editor glyph icons at file document on transparent background (without background layers). It looks like simple everyday work of designer.

    For example in result in folder of exported icons will be about 100-300 glyph icons (notice: in each icon one like symbol).

    Import of glyph icons at Inmotus SVG Generator is displaying at listing in left column.

  2. Chosen styles in right column will be at Preview Image like sandwich (glyph icon on chosen background) in central block of Inmotus SVG Generator.
  1. Change colors via Pallete for object (glyph symbol) and for background (style).
  2. Single designer can do about 100-300 glyph icons per day and choose about 40 styles for background.

    Next export in few seconds will do combinations of split (glyph+style) and export all icons in chosen file formats in ZIP archive on client PC or Mac.

    At result it will be about 4000-12000 icons at short time like some minutes.

What is new?

On screenshot of tool is presented moment of process for design a new icons using chosen styles.

EXAMPLE 01: file background for VPN glyph pictogram
File background for gear rotation glyph pictogram.

Key features of Inmotus SVG Generator

We are publishing a listing of key features for comfort work in online SVG Generator.

  • Import for sets of SVG icons

    Fast import of SVG icons for next edit.

  • Popular grids

    Android, iOS and material design grids.

  • Scaling

    Scale from 16×16 to 512×512px for real size of usage icons.

  • Sample glyph library

    Library of samples for choose and edit in process of design.

  • Color edition

    HEX and visual choose of colors for object and background.

  • Styles for merging layers

    Background styles for merging icon <path> layers.

  • Adds of new styles

    Library of styles for choose and use in work.

  • Export for Android & iOS

    Fast export function for Android & iOS apps.

Economic efficiency

Commercial attraction for designers, web and mobile developers, marketing specialists.
Efficiency of use is achieved by importing glyphs and combining with the maximum number of suitable styles.
In just a few seconds you can get the resulting archive (ZIP) with «glyph + style» icons for next individual usage or commercial aims supported extended license.

Commercial usage of SVG Generator for designers

Commercial usage for designers

Everyday work of graphical designer for new icons creation consists of hand work for each symbol and export in chosen file format (for example SVG).

In real time single professional designer can do about 100-300 icons per day. It is not so fast and not much productive for commercial usage (as sales on market places).

Practice of designer`s work

If single designer will do icons about 20 days per month, at result the sum will be about 2000-6000 icons. So it is not a best result of designer. Compare results with designer, using Inmotus SVG Generator, on practice work. It will be level up in growth of actions per minutes in daily work.

Commercial usage of SVG Generator for designer on marketplace

Commercial usage for designer on marketplace

The designer’s work on creating packages (sets) of graphic files (pictograms) is based on monotonous manual work.

Therefore, we decided to make life easier for designers and increase the productivity of labor.

Sales on market place based on mathematical system of coupled variables. Each sale of single product (SVG icon) like event at math have description via P(A).

This is the base variable — the probability of occurrence of event A in a series of tests. In current situation «test» means process of choosing icon for buy at page of searhing results for current keyword.

Basic formula in math is:

Basic formula in math is P(A)=m/N


m — quantity of icons, created by current designer and published on page of market place (Iconfinder.com) at searching results,

N — quantity of icons, created by all designers and published on page at searching results.

Support & FAQ

We a publishing special information for new and regular users.

  1. Inmotus SVG Generator is available on BundleSpace.com for comfort usage on PC and Mac platform via WebKit browser and Internet connection.
  2. Available display resolution: 1024x768px and higher.
  3. ZIP archive, SVG, ICO, PDF, PNG, Vector Drawable files are available at result for use on everyone standard platform.
  4. Payments via PayPal are available on secured connection (HTTPS).
  5. Personal data of clients are encrypted and stored in safety.
  1. Licensed usage of created icons based on rights of designer for imported (uploaded) glyph icons.
  2. If some designer will import (upload) icons (logotypes) with copyright of other single or corporative authors (owners), it can means non right usage of exported icons.
  3. Legally, the question of authorship of resulting icons may be controversial to the designer who uses the program as a tool for modifying the logo of another company or author.

Support of Bundle Space is available 5 days a week.

Support is not available on weekends and holidays.

Time for answer on your question on daily week about 12-24 hours.

Time zone: UTC+3.


Location: London, UK.

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SVG Generator is free to use for first time users. For the next level up experience, and to unlock all features which are avaliable after purchasing a license. You can choose license for your commercial interests: for individual or business work.

Premium license counts by price equally $18/month (or $146/year) per each machine usage in office.

It is useful to have optimization of business process in routine work for edit and export SVG files each day a week.

If you want to upgrade from standard to extended it needs to buy premium license for company.

If you choose Standard License, it has limits for use in commercial way. But if you choose Extended License, this way is right for all commercial aims.

If you edit not right licensed icons or logotypes, at result you need to have acception from owner of edited images (icons, logotypes and etc).

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