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  1. Inmotus SVG Generator is available on for comfort usage on PC and Mac platform via WebKit browser and Internet connection.
  2. Available display resolution: 1024x768px and higher.
  3. ZIP archive, SVG, ICO, PDF, PNG, Vector Drawable files are available at result for use on everyone standard platform.
  4. Payments via PayPal are available on secured connection (HTTPS).
  5. Personal data of clients are encrypted and stored in safety.
  1. Licensed usage of created icons based on rights of designer for imported (uploaded) glyph icons.
  2. If some designer will import (upload) icons (logotypes) with copyright of other single or corporative authors (owners), it can means non right usage of exported icons.
  3. Legally, the question of authorship of resulting icons may be controversial to the designer who uses the program as a tool for modifying the logo of another company or author.

SVG Generator is free to use for first time users. For the next level up experience, and to unlock all features which are avaliable after purchasing a license. You can choose license for your commercial interests: for individual or business work.

Premium license counts by price equally $18/month per each machine usage in office.

It is usefull to have optimization of business process in routine work for edit and export SVG files each day a week.

If you want to upgrade from standard to extended it needs to buy premium license for company.

If you choose Standard License, it has limits for use in commercial way. But if you choose Extended License, this way is right for all commercial aims.

If you edit not right licensed icons or logotypes, at result you need to have acception from owner of edited images (icons, logotypes and etc).

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If you have a question about Bundle Space, SVG Generator or License Agreement, please ask your message to Support Team.

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