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The press release contains main features, including web service in the period from May 1st, 2020 till May 1st, 2021.

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7500 vector images available in search

New features of the BundleSpace(.com)

Published on May 1st, 2021

Manager: Egor Polyakov


Team of BundleSpace(.com) ready to present next features of web service BundleSpace(.com) especially for IT developers, marketing specialists, and creative designers.

The total presented the 7500 vector images in the catalog under extended license in 435 categories with 2874 keywords for search and preview in the web interface.

The fixed price of a vector image with an extended license is $2 per download.

Payment via banking card is available too.

Digital download with extended license works quickly.

About 3 mins need for a process to download a single or bundle of chosen vector images with an extended license.

Legal premium vector graphics

Legal premium graphics

The extended license is available for commercial use of images under extended rights to multi copied digital and printing products.

In each exported ZIP archive as downloading of products from the catalog are included the commercial extended license with the name of a new owner of extended rights for images.

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Premium graphics for design of logotype

Commercial offer for premium graphics

Starting a new business is easy using the premium vector graphics from BundleSpace(.com). Our commercial offer for people, involved in processes of developing the new products and advertising. Please, read all topics of commercial offer on a detailed landing page.

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Marketplace AppSumo for deals in category Design

Published deal on AppSumo

Popular digital marketplace AppSumo is the partner in working on the deal`s model for premium graphics from BundleSpace(.com).

The deal titled "Premium graphics for design of logotype" was presented on AppSumo from October 26th, 2020 to the current day. In a full description of the deal, you can find all conditions, features, and reviews to use the web service BundleSpace(.com) based on promo codes to access the discounted order.

Choose the deal Premium graphics for design of logotype in catalog of AppSumo

Only by $10 the promo code to discount on BundleSpace(.com) for downloading 10 premium vector images with extended license. It`s economy of 50% from regular cost on BundleSpace(.com).

How to use the discounting deal of BundleSpace(.com) read at Discount.

Chart of the frequency of keywords in titles of the vector images in the catalog of premium graphics

Popular keywords in search of images

The result of analysis using keyword data is presented in the histogram by frequency of searching and attributes of images to quickly find by keywords.

The most popular words are presented at the top of the listing and histogram. All keywords are useful to find the interesting symbols for creative works, UI elements to design digital products, stickers for  marketing aims: shopping labels and e.t.c.

It is useful for designers, developers, and marketplaces for choosing visual themes and presenting them in commercial graphics.

Find images in the catalog

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Histogram of quantity images in categories

Total 7500 vector images there are in 435 categories. In next histogram visually presented the quantity of vector images in each category.

Chart of the quantity of vector images in categories of the catalog

For users in search are an available total of 2874 unique keywords for choosing the premium vector graphics for daily aims of development, design, and advertising.

In the catalog of vector images, there are very popular like «mobile» and «function» and very special words like «subway».

Chart of premium and free images in the catalog

On next visualization presents the quantity and ratio of commercial premium and free images in the catalog.

Total there are 6027 premium and 1472 free vector images in a catalog of graphics on BundleSpace(.com).

The ratio of premium and free images in a catalog of vector graphics

Targeting of BundleSpace(.com)

Categories of vector images in the catalog of premium graphics, popular keywords, and sorting by semantic data at the result of analysis presenting actual trends of graphics on BundleSpace(.com):

IT includes visual glyph and colored elements for the user interface of applications for web, mobile, ATM, and e.t.c.

Marketing includes stickers, labels, and specific attributes of sales and shopping.

Creative & Arts includes ornaments, visual elements for the design of art objects.

Detailed targeting

IT professions:
frontend developers, web & mobile designers and e.t.c.
marketologists, advertising managers and e.t.c.
designers, illustrators and e.t.c.

Features of search

For comfort use of the interface in web service BundleSpace(.com) presented next features to quick search and preview images to choose and download.

A searching form on the main page to quickly find the category of interesting vector images in a catalog of graphics. A searching form on the main page to quickly find the category of interesting vector images in a catalog of graphics.

Searching results of vector images by user request using keywords Searching results of vector images by user request using keywords.

Preview of the image in results on the searching page Preview of the image in results on the searching page.

Before the use of a filter on a searching page Before the use of a filter on a searching page.

After the use of a filter on the searching page After the use of a filter on the searching page.

A searching form in the left column of the catalog is working to find quickly the category with the chosen keyword A searching form in the left column of the catalog is working to find quickly the category with the chosen keyword.

Using filter «free» in a catalog of graphics Using filter «free» in a catalog of graphics.

Secured payments for clients

All bills for premium graphics on BundleSpace(.com) are secured by payment on side of UnitPay.

After payment in few seconds, chosen graphics will be transferred to your email in a ZIP archive with an attached extended license (PDF) with the personal data of the owner.

Internet connection secured by SSL 3.0 according to specification.

We are welcome for collaboration

Now we are welcome for bits of advice, reviews, collaboration, and new connections with designers and developers to the growth of BundleSpace(.com) to do useful web service for people all over the world.

Write us for interesting aspects of work on BundleSpace(.com):

If you need help or advice in using the BundleSpace(.com): write to the manager in Telegram: Egor Polyakov.

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