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Published on May 1, 2020

Today on BundleSpace(.com) is available the search of free and premium graphics: vector scalable images from collection of first author Inmotus Design (Saint-Petersburg).

Total are presented the 13580 SVG icons in catalog under extended license in 803 iconsets.

Mediana price of iconset is $13.8 per download.

Team of BundleSpace(.com)

In current time at working process for development the web service are involved the small team of 3 IT-specialists: the chief manager, backend programmer and content manager. Web service is building day by day in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Also we use the helps of frontend and other specialists of our community.

How to use the downloaded images in legal commercial products?

Extended license is available for commercial use of images under extended rights to multi copied digital and printing products.

In each exported ZIP archive as result of edit in Inmotus SVG Generator and download of products from catalog are included the commercial extended license with name of a new owner of extended rights for images.

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Popular keywords in search of images

The result of analysis using keyword`s data is presented in histogram by frequency of searching and attributes of images to quick find by keywords.

The most popular words presented in the top of listing and histogram. All keywords are useful to find the interesting symbols for creative works, UI elements to design of digital products, stickers for marketing aims: shopping labels and e.t.c.

It is actually useful for designers, developers and marketplaces for choosing the visual themes and presenting in commercial graphics.

The top of histogram: popular keywords in search of images on BundleSpace(.com)

The top of histogram: popular keywords in search of images on BundleSpace(.com)
See full data: https://bundlespace.com/popular-keywords

For users in search are available total 3231 unique keywords: it`s good start to choose the premium SVG graphics for daily aims of design and advertising.

In catalog of vector images there are very popular like a «document» and very special words like «Laos culture».

Targeting of BundleSpace(.com)

Categories of icons in catalog, popular keywords and sorting by professions all of semantic data at result of analysis presenting actual trends of graphics on BundleSpace(.com): IT, Marketing and Creative.

Its most actual focus of graphics in catalog of graphics.

Detailed targeting

IT professions:
frontend developers, web & mobile designers and e.t.c.
marketologists, advertising managers and e.t.c.
«printing» designers, illustrators and e.t.c.

At detailed targeting we focused to publish the most attractive graphics to economy the time and budjet to download premium graphics for commercial use at daily work of specialists in current focus: IT, Marketing, Creative.

Lessons to study the SVG graphics

Lessons to study a new features of SVG in practice

First lessons on BundleSpace(.com) get knowledge step by step in the practice of using format SVG for young designers and frontends, cartographers and mobile developers.

Listing of lessons to study the SVG graphics

Lesson №1 «Create a logo of the program for PC, iOS and Android versions»

Lesson №2 «How to do geo pointers for maps?»

Lesson №3 «Group ob objects for visualization on maps»

Lesson №4 «Design of discount labels for items on sales»

Lesson №5 «Animation for SVG loader using CSS3»

Lesson №6 «Virtual keyboard for touch screen ATM devices»

Inmotus SVG Generator

Economy the working time using Inmotus SVG Generator

Created SVG tool titled by author the Inmotus SVG Generator for online edit the glyph images is useful for economy of time in routine processes to do the series of icons and stickers in daily works.

According to ver.1.0 at Inmotus SVG Generator are presented next instruments:

  • Import glyph icons in SVG.
  • Choose style (background).
  • Add custom styles for background.
  • Preview chosen glyph icons + background.
  • Use icon grid for preview.
  • Scaling preview to interested size.
  • Choose colors for object and background.
  • Export created combinations of icons based on split model in chosen file formats: SVG, ICO, PDF, PNG, Vector Drawable.
  • Useful features for edit vector scalable graphics and export icons in chosen formats (SVG, ICO, PDF, PNG, Vector Drawable).
  • Share link for next specialists.
  • Refresh session for new actions.

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Whats new in BundleSpace(.com)

Team of BundleSpace(.com) interested in realization of a new features to do the instruments for everyday process of works more useful and effective at results.

Glyph images for logotypes

We works to do choice of images for logotypes from unique vector glyphs from fixed price. All of them are created specially for logotypes: unique symbols are available at commercial use by fixed price per download.

Actually we focused on graphics for designers, marketing specialists, web and mobile developers in english speaking countries.

Wiki for SVG graphics

Special for new users the team of BundleSpace(.com) publishes the Wiki articles about development and design based on SVG graphics: SMIL, CSS3, JS, design styles, and legal rights for use the commercial graphics.

Wiki for SVG graphics

Discount for Premium Graphics

The real economy 50% of regular price is actually interesting to buy commercial graphics. Icon sets with discounted price are available to choose and ready to use in daily work. All bundles of premium graphics in Discount are under extended License.

All vector images in icon sets are created with pixel perfect scalable quality of design.

Discount for Premium Graphics

Promo codes are available to access for Discount of Premium Graphics by URL:

For example promo code to access: YVplzApr2020

Let`s check the discounted prices!

Secured payments for clients

All bills for Premium Graphics on BundleSpace(.com) are secured by payment on side of PayPal.

After payment in few time chosen graphics will be transferred to your email in ZIP archive with attached extended license (PDF) with personal data of Owner.

Internet connection secured by SSL 3.0 according PayPal specification.

We are welcome for collaboration

Now we are welcome for advices, collaboration and a new connections with designers and developers to growth of BundleSpace(.com) to do useful web service for designers, developers and marketing specialists all over the world.

Write us for interesting aspects of work on BundleSpace(.com): support@bundlespace.com

Also we have blue button «Subscribe» at bottom right fixed panel for sending news of web service and you can add your email to have the news & topics about newest features of web service to be first at your aims using premium graphics.

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